Sofia Jin, Explorer

Sofia is a British Korean explorer with a wide storytelling skillset that includes presenting, performing, writing and photography. She is a communicator with a “quick wit and enquiring mind” (Rick Jordan, Senior Editor, Cond√© Nast Traveller), able to communicate a wide range of ideas with a high octane and upbeat manner. She is also a popular creator online, having acquired a large international online following for her candid personality and adventurous pursuits.
As a member of The North Face UK Explorer Team and an adventure athlete for Osprey Europe, Sofia has used her skills to pursue her twin loves of exploration and storytelling across four continents, in some of the harshest conditions in the world. She has spent time filming for corporate clients while traveling and adventuring in the alps, and recently successfully summitted Mt Aconcagua (6962m), the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia.
Sofia is passionate about getting people curious. From presenting whilst hanging off mountainsides to explaining the science of black holes at New Scientist Live 2019; producing thoughtful writing on topics of scientific importance to acerbic cultural commentary for Elle Magazine; and conducting interviews with Hollywood stars like Awkwafina – Sofia is unafraid to immerse herself no matter what the subject and still effortlessly brings her engaging and articulate charm to the camera.