Sarah Starr, Immersive Investigative Journalist & Anthropologist Explorer

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Sarah is an Anthropologist-Explorer, Immersive Investigative Journalist, TV Presenter and Public Speaker. Sarah has explored remote parts of the world, surviving jungles, deserts, mountains and caves to live with indigenous and remote tribes documenting important human and environmental stories with impact whilst becoming a pioneering face of exploration. Her first film, ‘Amazon Souls’, where she hunted and gathered with the Huaorani tribe and was made a real life Amazon Warrior Queen advocate for preserving the jungle premiered at Cannes Film Festival and is distributed worldwide. Sarah has won many awards including the Spirit of Adventure Award by Captain Scott Society, was highlighted by The Guardian newspaper as The World’s Top 17 trailblazer, is endorsed by Bear Grylls, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Hollywood Actor Kevin Hart. She is the Host of Spaced Out!, a podcast and TV series about the Space industry interviewing leading figures from investors to astronauts to educate the masses about the inner workings of the business behind Space ventures, which also features on Space Channel. Her most recent interview include NASA’s Chief Scientists about NASA’s Scientific Breakthroughs and the Mars Perseverance Rover missions. Sarah was chosen to become a Space Hero Insider to represent a cohort sending the first citizen in space as part of the Space Hero TV Show, she is also a running dearMoon Candidate, a contestant chosen out of 1 million applicants to be sent to the Moon with SpaceX’s Starship. Sarah was recently made a Yuri’s Night Ambassador by Virgin Galactic Astronaut Loretta Whitesides, and kickstarted into the space industry by leading Space Investor, Dylan Taylor and is a valuable contributor of Frank White’s (Author of The Overview Effect) Overview Round Table. Besides being the leading international face and Communicator of Space Media, Sarah has a start-up developing sustainable propulsion for an eVTOL concept to eliminate air pollution.