Revolutions That Changed History

Produced by Go Button Media for the Super channel. Past Preservers provided experts, Dr John Woolf, Natasha Billson & Anthea Nardi.

In a world defined by power, there are those who dared to defy it. History stands witness to the unwavering courage of individuals who stood up against the world’s mightiest empires. From the great gladiator uprising to the medieval struggle for workers’ rights. The bold spirit of Boudica, to the fight for life and liberty in the United States. Endure the tensions of the daring Decembrists revolt, and the impassioned cries of the French Revolution. In their quest to dismantle oppressive systems, those pushed to their limits are forced to risk everything in the ultimate battle for their freedom. They are the rebels who ignited change and demanded justice. These are the revolutions that reshaped our world. These are the Revolutions That Changed History.