Paul Cowland, Automotive Expert, Historian & Engineer

Paul Cowland is a man with a lifelong passion for all things automotive. His boundless enthusiasm for any motorised conveyance has given him a 30-year career selling, tuning, restoring, photographing, building, plus writing and presenting about almost every kind of car currently known to man… as well as being the ‘go to’ guy for many of the UK’s leading automotive publishers when they need an authority on such matters.

Having fronted up several prime-time ‘magazine’ shows for Eurosport and Motors TV, Paul signed to the Discovery Channel in 2014, where his unique blend of humour, sarcasm and realistic day rate proved to be a hit with producers. His first show, ‘Turbo Pickers’ proved to be a surprise global hit, showcasing the more affordable end of the classic car world, picking, fixing and ‘flipping’ all manner of cars from entry-level Porsche 924s right through to automotive icons like the Citroen H van.

Paul’s latest show sees him partner with long-time friend Drew Pritchard for ‘Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars on the Discovery Channel and Amazon Prime. Shown all over the world, this popular show is already eight series in–and showcases the finest artisanal tuning, restoration and recommissioning talent that the UK has to offer. Each episode sees cars bought, restored and sold, via all manner of talented, small and independent specialists along the journey.