Paranormal Egypt 

Produced by Ruggie Media for LIVING and the Travel Channel, Past Preservers provided expert contributors, Dr. Rawia Ismail, Ahmed Seddik, Ramy Romany and Jana Holla and background research.

Paranormal Egypt sees TV psychic Derek Acorah join forces with historian Tess Dunlop to delve into the stories behind such legendary locations as the tomb of Tutankhamun, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

The UK’s most famous psychic medium Derek Acorah returns together with renowned historian Tessa Dunlop in a brand new eight-part series, Paranormal Egypt. The Living Channel has gained exclusive access to some of Egypt’s most ancient and sacred locations in order for award winning historian/presenter Tessa Dunlop, and Derek Acorah to try and shed new light on their mysteries with a unique blend of history and paranormal investigation. The show, with the assistance of many of the world’s leading authorities on Egyptian history, delves into one of the most fascinating ancient cultures in the world.


  • Client:
    Ruggie Media