Matt Bassett, Independent Living Coach

“Having had a catastrophic accident leaving me tetraplegic in 2011, I set out to never let my disability define who I am. I firmly believe life doesn’t stop after injury and that it is just the beginning.

TV and Media have always been a passion of mine. As a highly creative individual, I thrive on being in front of the camera, making exciting and informative films for people to enjoy. I have an unquenchable desire to explore and break down the preconceptions of what it looks like to not only be a presenter but an adventurer. I am a presenter on Weatherman Walking on BBC ONE Wales and currently filming my fourth series. In 2021, I was awarded the Trailblazer Culture award within BBC Unscripted productions.

 I am highly ambitious and dedicated. I pride myself on having a positive attitude and consider myself to be organised, self–motivated, supportive, and collaborative. I am always on the lookout for the next challenge to push me further and continue to break down barriers in society.”