Marianne Tames-Demauras, Egyptologist & Archaeological Scientist

“My name is Marianne Tames-Demauras, I am half Mexican/half French, and I am an Egyptologist and Archaeologist with a particular focus and interest in science. From exploring the magnificent deserts and temples of Egypt, to investigating abandoned and enigmatic ancient Akhsumite towns in Ethiopia, I have recently set foot on the slightly less glamorous setting of a laboratory due to my deep passion regarding the application of scientific methods within archaeological research. I am particularly fascinated by the use of stable isotope analysis of bone and teeth in order to explore past diets, climate, as well as movements and migrations of humans and animals that took place in the past. I believe in an interdisciplinary approach for the study of the past, and one of my main aspirations is to help demystify the scientific aspect of archaeology.”