Jem Duducu, Historian & Author

Jem’s first love has always been history, ever since he saw the Sutton Hoo helmet as a small boy. He now works as a freelance trainer which has allowed him to hone his presentation and communications skills and has been posting articles about history online since 2012. He has been writing history books for Amberley Publishing since 2013. His style has been described as an historical guide; as he says “I take the reader/viewer on an introductory journey on a topic they may know little to nothing about”. The list of books include: The Busy Person’s Guide to British History, The British Empire in 100 facts, Deus Vult a Concise History of the Crusades, The Napoleonic Wars in 100 facts, The Romans in 100 Facts, Forgotten History Unbelievable Moments from the Past, & The American Presidents in 100 Facts.