Hunter Jones, Author & Historian

Presenter Hunter writes history and fiction using traditional and independent publishing platforms. In the business world, she has negotiated multi-million dollar sales contracts as a consultant for international corporations. Her accomplishments include selling approximately 100,000 books and short stories; receiving numerous awards and one Pulitzer Prize nomination as well as having articles featured in magazines and newspapers. Her latest work will launch via Pen and Sword Books, one of the oldest history and military publishers in the U.K. ‘Sexuality in History: The British Stripped’ in 2018, and ‘Lillie Langtry: Gilded Goddess’ in 2019. Although she has lived her entire life in Georgia and Tennessee, her sense of adventure has led to extensive travel, to more than seventy countries around the globe. She is a member of the Royal Historical Society U.K., Society of Authors U.K., American Historical Association, and several US Civil War societies and roundtables.