Dr Bob Bianchi, Classicist, Egyptologist & Curator

Born to a Greek-American mother and an Italian-American father, Dr. Bob was raised by both sets of grandparents while his father served in the Pacific Theater during WW II and his mother worked. His first language was Greek during his formative years in Manhattan when his maternal grandmother regaled him with tales of Greece, both ancient and modern, and of Egypt, particularly Alexandria, where until quite recently he still had family. In like manner his paternal great-grandmother entertained him with anecdotes about Italy and the Romans. She was married to Saturno Risoldi, an opera singer who sang with Caruso and had his own radio show, The Musical Cocktail [Tony and Marie] in New York City from about 1930-1950. The impact of those formative years were deeply imprinted on Dr Bob who majored in Classics (Greek and Latin) and art history as an undergraduate. He pursued those studies in graduate school earning a PhD in 1976 from NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts.

Thereafter, he received numerous post-graduate fellowships and embarked on a career in museums serving on the curatorial staffs of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum [Hildesheim, Germany], The Bible Lands Museum [Jerusalem], the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art [Geneva], and the Ancient Egyptian Museum Shibuya [Tokyo].

He has served as adjunct professor at Uppsala College in East Orange, N.J., at New York University, at Columbia University, and at the University of Alexandria, Egypt. Dr. Bob has spent over 15 seasons on archaeological excavations in Egypt at Mendes in the Delta, at the Precinct of the goddess Mut at Southern Karnak, and most recently as a member (2021) of the Franco-Swiss archaeological mission to Saqqara.

Dr. Bob is widely traveled having repeatedly visited and studied in over 30 nations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and extensively published, having authored 37 books and contributed chapters to another 60. He is the author of 243 journal articles and an additional 141 book reviews. He began his TV career with 45 30-minute programs which he wrote and in which he was the only presenter on CBS’s Sunrise Semester in cooperation with New York University in 1979, which was regularly featured in TV GUIDE. To date he has appeared in 113 TV telecasts.

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