Dr Bob Bianchi, Classicist, Egyptologist & Curator

An authority on art and aesthetics with over 50 years of museum and university teaching experience, Dr. Robert Steven Bianchi has a publication record that is second to none. His experience with TV began three decades ago in 1979 when he wrote, presented and was featured in the series Ancient Egyptian Art on Sunrise Semester for CBS. Since then, with an on-camera appearance has been termed “infectious,” Dr Bianchi has captivated audiences in over 100 telecasts across America, Europe, Egypt, and Japan. His work with many of the major players such as The Learning Channel, The History Channel, The Arts and Entertainment Cable Network, The Discovery Channel, and National Geographic reveals his stellar on-camera performance and high level of work ethic. Passionate about creating quality television, Dr. Bianchi is a presenter in his own class and among the best in the field.

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