Dr Joe Simmons, Archaeologist & Dentist

Joe says “For me, it was always about the sheer thrill of discovery! One picture that completely captivated me was the one of Howard Carter peering through the entrance to King Tutankhamun’s lost tomb. I first experienced that feeling during a summer Archaeological Field School in Taos, New Mexico, during my last years in college and I’ve been hooked ever since! My flashes of discovery have ranged widely: From finding 70-pound ingots of silver on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, to successfully uncovering key construction features of an early sixteenth-century vessel of exploration in the Caribbean. From reading passages in ancient Spanish documents, to finding on display in a Dutch village a nearly exact duplicate of a gunpowder weapon from the oldest shipwreck excavated in the Caribbean. From revealing marks on cannons on the seafloor identifying the British makers, to understanding the exact construction sequence of a wrought-iron weapon made 500 years earlier. I continue to be thrilled by discovery.”