Dr. Allan Maca, Archaeologist, Historian & Social Scientist

Allan is an archaeologist, author & featured TV scientist. He has a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University & is fluent in Spanish. His current writing projects look at ancient cities, Classic Maya tomb architecture, shamanism & the sacred mushroom stones of Central America, & climate change. He is from New York City, is an expert surfer & omelette chef & currently lives on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala with his three shelter dogs Karma, Xena & Momo. Allan has supervised many seasons of excavations at major sites across the world, including Ashkelon, Israel (Harvard); Paestum, Italy (Colgate) & Copan, Honduras (Harvard & Colgate). His books & publications cover an array of topics, including ancient cities & empires, archaeological methods, the history of archaeology & the UNESCO World Heritage ruins at Copan, Honduras. Allan has taught numerous classes in archaeology, anthropology, Native American Studies, ethnobotany & field methods. He has won accolades for his teaching at Harvard University, Columbia University & Colgate University.

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