Can you create Travel Experiences for Past Preservers?

We have an exciting opportunity which we would love you to be part of! We are looking for your amazing projects and expertise to design and lead experiences that can excite the minds of people looking to do something more with their travels; particularly those interested in history, archaeology and cultural heritage.

For example, if you are currently planning or working on an excavation, could you take a small group of people behind the scenes to the site, past the “archaeologists only” signs and offer an experience from hands on excavation experiences to conservation lab work? Or do you know a historical site off the beaten tracks that can tell a story that not many people have heard off? Or can you offer workshops where guests can learn skills from the past or engage with the local community? Can you inspire people to see a different side to history through experiencing it?

These experiences can range from half a day to a couple of days. They need to be immersed in places of archaeological or historical value. Access is important and the group size will be small.

Don’t worry about the finer details of transportation or accommodation, just tell us where the experience will start and end, as we have partnered with accredited travel partners to cover the logistics, marketing and more.

What makes our organisation unique is that every experience will have a mandatory donation to your projects or designated organisations built in. Of course you will also receive a fee for providing the experience (minus our commision and the charitable donation) this will be set by our team once your experience has been reviewed and accepted.

Do you think you have something amazing to show the world? If so, please get in touch and share your experiences with us! We will need a short biography of you and a brief description of the experience you can offer.

Please complete the online form here.

This is a pilot scheme for us. Our plan is to build up a list of experiences from around the world and partner with like minded organisations around the globe to bring these unique opportunities to discerning travellers. Remember these experiences should be personal and offer a unique insight into your world or interests, this is your opportunity as experts to showcase your passions and knowledge. You have the ability here to curate an experience around archaeology and heritage that will enlighten and stimulate minds for generations to come and benefit other projects through each donation made.

We hope you can join us on this adventure into experiencing history.