Can you create Travel Experiences for Past Preservers?

We are looking for your expertise to design and lead inspiring experiences that can excite the minds of inquisitive travelers – particularly those interested in history, archaeology, and cultural heritage. Experience leaders will be paid a fee (minus commission and a charitable donation to your designated project).

What is an Experience?
An experience can happen anywhere – it’s not limited to touring an archaeological site and doesn’t require you to travel to a foreign country, though those are possibilities. Museum tours or workshops are other options.

Access to materials, museums, special exhibitions, and other “behind the scenes” locales are all good starting points for creating an experience. Access is important and the group size will be small.

Experiences might range from half a day to a couple of days. They need to be immersed in places of archaeological or historical value.

Don’t worry about the travel details – just define start and end points as we are working with accredited travel partners to cover the logistics, marketing and more.

If you have something amazing to show the world, please get in touch and share your proposals with us! We will need a short biography of you and a brief description of the experience you can offer.

Please complete the online form here.

Remember these experiences should be personal and offer a unique insight into your world or interests: this is your opportunity as experts to showcase your passions and knowledge.

You have the ability here to curate an experience around archaeology and heritage that will enlighten and stimulate minds for generations to come and benefit charitable projects of your choosing through each donation made. We hope you can join us on this adventure into experiencing history.


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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.