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Working Over Time – Podcast/Pilot TV Series is seeking experts.

* This casting call has been updated please click here. Content production company LittleFire is looking for history experts/academics for a new podcast series Working Over Time. The series is also a complimentary content piece for a prospective network TV show of the […]

Online Internship in TV Development

Past Preservers is looking for an astute & self motivated intern to work with us remotely for the next few months. You should have a keen interest in factual television & documentaries as the role will cover research, development & […]

Expert Geologists Needed!

Mining TV Project!  A client is seeking qualified Geologists for an unscripted Discovery Channel television series focusing on gold mining. The expert must have a degree in Geology and/or extensive work experience in the field. They will appear as a […]

Animals at War Project

About the Project! We are working on a project with the working title of “Animals at War”. It will (episodically) cover everything from ancient use of war elephants to the modern day Navy dolphin program and dogs deployed with Special Forces […]

Ancient Construction Series

About the Project! We are currently working with a client on a project about Ancient Construction techniques. The series will look at ancient buildings in Easter Island, Petra, Jerusalem, the Alhambra and the Acropolis and would mainly focus on the construction […]

Experts Needed for Egypt & Jordan Video Series

About the Project!  We are working with a corporate client that makes exercise equipment and part of their job is to produce videos that are played solely on the machines themselves. For example right now they are in Rio De […]

Host Needed for a Titanic Special!

A new TV Special looking at the story behind probably the most famous ship in history is looking for hosts. You do not need to be the world’s foremost authority on the Titanic but we are looking for experts with […]

Experts in German Culture Needed!

A client is looking for an expert in the history & culture of Germany, particularly in relation to the history of Christmas & Castles! Can you introduce the world to Germany, if so, we need you for this travel series […]

Egyptologists Needed for a one-day shoot in Luxor!

Urgent request for a one day shoot in Luxor on the 3rd of December! We need an Egyptologist for an interview for a major TV Netwotk. It will be a general piece about the history and sites of Luxor. This […]

Experts Needed for a Moses Documentary

Experts needed for Biblical Doc focusing on Moses, to be filmed in Egypt mid December! Biblical scholars, Egyptologists etc get in touch asap! If you are interested in working on this project, please get in touch with us at with your availability, […]