Join these Podcasts from our Experts!

What Makes Us Human 

We are proud to announce a brand new podcast from our pals at LittleFire, “What Makes Us Human” hosted by Past Preservers expert Dr Sheila Hoffman! And they are looking for guests! 

All Things Tudor

Hosted by Past Preservers expert Deb Hunter. Have a topic you want discussed? We’re looking to chat about your essays, articles, books and insight on Tudor history, archaeology, anthropology and all things in between. 

Archaeologists in Quarantine

Archaeologists in Quarantine is a LIVE streaming show on the Instagram & YouTube channels ‘behind the trowel.’ Created by Past Preservers Expert Presenter, Natasha Billson.

How to Apply!
If you are interested in being a guest on any of these great podcast, please drop us an email to & we will forward to the hosts! It’s as easy as that!