Event TV! Archaeological & Heritage Projects Needed!

Past Preservers are looking for projects worldwide!
We are currently working with several major international broadcasters to develop one off documentaries featuring “event” or “anniversary” projects around the world and we need your involvement to make it a success!

We ideally need projects beginning in 2023, to give us time to prepare.
Projects big, small and everything in between are needed! Projects involving but not limited to archaeology, conservation, museology, surveying and more are welcome. We want to hear from you about your current or planned projects, who is in your team and the organisations you work in. For instance this year is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankamun’s Tomb, so broadcasters and have planned event content around that. What events are coming up in your world?

How to Apply!
If you are interested in submitting your project to us, please get in touch with us at casting@pastpreservers.com with further details about your plans. We will need the dates of your planned work, the scope of the work and its aims and links to a project website if available.

If you wish to update your details or are not already registered with us, you can now do this online at https://forms.gle/f3sbAcvBccnx9dAE6