Zoe D’Amato’s Latest Series

Check out the latest project from our pal Zoe D’Amato, star of Chasing Mummies. Zoe presents My Destination Nova Scotia. It looks great –  catch it here now!

Wolfville local and travel television host Zoe D’Amato takes viewers from the top of South Mountain to the depths of a wine tank in the Gaspereau Valley as she investigates what makes Nova Scotia a unique and world class wine destination in a travel web series for the tourism website ‘My Destination Nova Scotia’. Episodes air every Thursday here

The series’ premise is true-to-life: Travel journalist Zoe D’Amato has one destination on her list that needs investigating. Some call it Nova Scotia; she calls it… Home.

Zoe has journeyed to the far corners of the earth as an actress and travel host for the most popular travel TV series in the world, Globe Trekker, and the award-winning online series ProjectExplorer.org. This time she’s on a different kind of assignment. She’s going local.

In four delightfully fresh and funny webisodes, Zoe explores the food, wine, art and history of her beloved province. Don’t be fooled by the traditional topics, however. Where Zoe goes, adventure follows. She gets right into a wine tank at Gaspereau Vineyards, becomes the third woman civilian to ever fire a cannon at the Fortress of Louisbourg, and tries her hand at performance art.

MyDestination.com’s tagline, “Locally informed, globally inspired” suits Zoe to a tee. She’s traveled to over thirty countries but she is a proud and passionate Maritimer at heart. Her aim for the project was simple. To both inspire future visitors and make Nova Scotians feel as proud as she does to call herself a local. To watch the series, visit their website and click on: ‘Travel Web Series’. To see where Zoe is headed next, visit her website.

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