Dr. Paul Harrison, Egyptologist

Paul is an Archaeologist, Egyptologist, Presenter and Writer, with over ten years of experience in public speaking and teaching. For the last five years he has focused on his role as an historical communicator, presenting and producing film and television.

Paul was granted a PhD in Egyptian Archaeology in 2012 from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, in addition to an MA with distinction in 2008. He specialises in the contemporary reception and employment of Pharaonic material in cultural, esoteric, religious and political spheres.

Paul was recently interviewed on Sky News, regarding the destruction at Palmyra. He will shortly début on the History Channel USA, and is the current face of Sega’s Total War video game series, for which he has written and presented two mini-documentaries. Although he is an Honorary Lecturer at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology, he has chosen to dedicate his time to the communication of his passion, with a focus on media, rather than institutional research.

In film, Paul has worked both on and off camera, on award-winning shorts and successful indie features. He is an enthusiastic performer, having appeared in several ambitious short films, and even a feature film, working closely with actors such as Rebecca Hall, Olivia Poulet and Spartacus’ Simon Merrells.

Paul recently finished a five month contract as a producer for a leading financial company. He was responsible for bespoke client-facing films, and the day to day content of their private investor TV channel. He was instrumental in setting up a ‘table read’ process, which helped analysts adapt their complex financial updates into scripts more suitable for screen. He also initiated the training and honing of their presenting skills for camera.

Academically, Paul’s lectures have appeared in periodicals and magazines such as BBC History Magazine’s ‘Top Ten things to do’, and he has been interviewed on national radio, and international podcasts in the USA.

Paul’s book, Profane Egyptologists, is in publication by UCL and Routledge, due for release in 2017.

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