Dr. Paul Harrison

Dr Paul Harrison obtained his PhD from University
 College London’s Institute of Archaeology in 2012, in addition
 to a Master’s Degree awarded with distinction 
(eq. Summa cum laude) in 2007. He possesses over ten years of experience in public speaking, lecturing, and teaching. His lectures have appeared in periodicals and magazines such as BBC History Magazine’s Top Ten Things to Do. He was also a special guest on USA’s Blogtalk and the Arts Council’s Resonance FM radio shows. He is also the author of Profane Egyptologists, which is now complete and being drafted for publication in 2013 for Left Coast Press, CA. Paul is a co-producer and presenter on the forthcoming documentary Eye on the Needle by Atum productions, of which he is co-founder. He has previously shot pilots for SyFy and Sky television.

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