Dr. Paul Harrison

Dr Paul Harrison is an archaeologist, Egyptologist, presenter and writer, with over ten years of experience in public speaking and teaching. His lectures have appeared in periodicals and magazines such as BBC History Magazine’s ‘Top Ten things to do’, and he has been interviewed on national radio and international podcasts from the USA.  Paul studied a PhD in Egyptian Archaeology, graduating from University College London in 2012, in addition to a Master’s Degree awarded with distinction back in 2007.

Recently, Paul wrote and presented ‘Attila, Scourge of God’ for SEGA’s Total War video game promotional series, as featured on SEGA’s YouTube Channel. In addition to his passion for history, Paul is an enthusiastic performer, having appeared in several ambitious short films, and even a feature film, having worked alongside such actors as Rebecca Hall, Olivia Poulet  and Spartacus’ Simon Merrells.

Paul’s book ‘Profane Egyptologists’, traces the story of the revival of ancient Egyptian religion and cults in the modern world, and is due for release in 2015.

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