Our Newest Addition to Past Preservers People

London, New York & Cairo – 4 September 2014 – Past Preservers in house expert agency, Past Preservers People, is thrilled to announce its lineup is growing with the newest addition of Dr Colleen Manassa Darnell.

Colleen received both her B.A. and Phd at Yale and is currently the William K and Marilyn M. Simpson Associate Professor of Egyptology. She has extensive research experience in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic and hieratic texts and is an expert in military history, New Kingdom literary texts, and the funerary religion of the Late Period.

She is the author or co-author of five books and over twenty articles; her publications have contributed to topics as diverse as Old Kingdom epistolography, Middle Kingdom ostraca, New Kingdom military and religion, Graeco-Roman tourism, and the archaeology of the third Upper Egyptian nome. Her most recent book, Imagining the Past: Historical Fiction in New Kingdom Egypt (Oxford University Press, 2013) is the first to describe works of historical fiction composed in ancient Egypt.

In addition to this, she established the Mo’alla Survey Project (MSP), which is currently in its fourth field season. Under her direction, the MSP has surveyed an important northern extension to the Mo’alla necropolis (including a small Pan Grave cemetery) and rediscovered the ancient city of Agny. She is a Faculty Affiliate at the Peabody Museum of Natural History, where she also curated the exhibit, Echoes of Egypt.

As a specialist academic, she has also been featured in various television programs and documentaries including National Geographic’s, “Mummy Road Show: Mystery of the Masks”, the History Channel’s, “Egypt: Engineering an Empire”, Discovery Channel’s, “Scandals of the Ancient World”, and a multi-part series on Tutankhamun called “King Tut Unwrapped” just to name a few.

She would like to continue to share her extensive knowledge with the world by joining the team at Past Preservers People. Colleen says, “I am thrilled to become part of Past Preservers and to work with production companies that bring the past to life.”

Colleen is joining our existing presenters that make up Past Preservers People, a boutique, full service talent management agency which represents experts in their fields from around the globe. The company is built around a small but diverse group of individuals that shares the passion and drive necessary for success in the highly competitive television and film industries.

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