Heritage in Action, LLC and Past Preservers Launch MyEGYPT

London, Cairo & San Francisco – 2 September 2013- Heritage in Action, LLC (San Francisco) and Past Preservers (Cairo, London) are pleased to announce the launch of their joint venture, MyEGYPT.

MyEGYPT is an initiative of A Drop in the Pond, an international project founded by Heritage in Action, LLC (HiA) that uses high-quality storytelling to engage audiences with global peoples and cultures, empower communities at the local level and drive economic and cultural development.

MyEGYPT aims to empower the Egyptian public through the sharing and management of its cultural heritage in a way that is meaningful and relevant to Egyptians and their emerging society.

A destination marketing campaign, the project uses cultural stories, beyond the familiar and the mundane, to attract foreign visitors to a cultural journey of exploration and discovery in Egypt.

The campaign is based on the active participation of the Egyptian public and other focus groups (visitors, cultural bodies etc.) through the collection, sharing and management of cultural stories that reflect this vibrant country in ways that are significant to Egyptians and visitors alike.

“We want MyEGYPT to be a platform where Egyptians can reinforce their innovative and creative abilities,” says HiA Founder and President Kelly Krause. “We want to heighten awareness of cultural values and assets, and enable Egyptians to be active participants in their cultural and economic development.”

The project will be launching a website shortly; interested parties may find further information through the project Facebook page or through HiA