Help Youths Tell Their Own Story with Transterra

London, New York & Cairo – 16 July 2013 – You can help transform lives and make a difference by helping youths make their voices heard in the mainstream media.

Launched by Transterra Media and Global Nomads Group the Voices4Change program sets to create a group of young media activists in the MENA region with the confidence, skills and access to make their voices heard.

It also aims to empower young people to positively influence society by expressing their views on critical social issues facing the Arab region through the power of new and traditional media.

Currently the Voices4Change project has only enough funding for 30 mobile journalism kits, or MoJo Kits™, for 400 youths from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, and Tunisia. For every $600 raised, Transterra Media will donate one MoJo Kit to the Voices4Change project.


With your support young journalists will build their skills in media production and collaborate with their peers outside of their own country and all the content produced will be uploaded and sold on the open market to media outlets around the globe. Twenty-five percent of all revenue generated from the sale of any content produced through this project will be paid back to the youth. The other 25% of the profits will be paid to the youth mentors, while the remaining 50% of the revenue will be reinvested into the project to create a self-sustaining youth journalism training program.

This is an excellent opportunity to help the young have their own voice in the media. Donate any amount;  everything and everyone can help make a difference with this excellent project.

You can follow the progress of this campaign on Transterra’s facebook pageon twitter and you can donate at the Voices4Change crowdfunding page.